LED Lighting - Light Up The World
  • Architectural LED Lighting Solution NIKKON helps to provide aesthetic and attractive accent LED lighting by highlighting architectural shapes perfectly. The illumination complement
    a variety of architectural expressions, elements and details. It provides significantly more energy savings and cost efficiency.
  • Street LED Lighting Solution Reduce glare, precise and provide a stable design platform for luminaire and public safety. LEDs emit very little heat.
    A viable solution to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and environmentally friendly. It is durable and reduced running costs.
  • Interior LED Lighting Solution A comfortable visual sensation depends on a perfect overall lighting design with the use of excellent quality lighting solutions. The right light level
    has to be sufficiently bright for users to perform their task daily with right atmosphere. Nikkon LED lighting helps to reduce electricity usage and costs.
  • Outdoor LED Lighting Solution The functionality of the outdoor environment lighting increase livability, connectivity, create identity of the beautified
    landscape or iconic place. It means to focus, radiate and enliven the surrounding which bring people together.
  • Warehouse LED Lighting Solution Angle of lighting, level of placement, position and coverage for prime working area must be taken into consideration. Nikkon LED lighting offer
    solution the ability to provide the right amount of visibility and create a well-lit work environment. It ensures health and daycare safety.
Architectural LED Lighting Solution1 Street Lighting LED Solution2 Interior LED Lighting Solution3 Outdoor LED Lighting Solution4 Warehouse LED Lighting Solution5
LED Street Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
  • S419 (70W, 150W, 250W, and 400W)
  • S412 (150 HPS 70W, 150 HPS 100W and more)
  • S438-N (HPS 150W, HPS 250W and MH 250W)    
LED Floodlight / Spot Light
Industrial Lighting
  • S1500 (MH 70W, MH 150W, HPS 70W, and HPS 150W)
  • S1501 (MH 70W, MH 150W, HPS 70W and HPS 150W)
  • S2000 (MH 250W (2.1A), MH 400W and more)    
LED Indoor Lighting
Commercial Lighting
  • XE Series (S12112 & S13106)
  • LE Series (S13100)
  • MO Series (MO S18100, MO S18103 and more)    

Quality LED lighting products is an important aspect of our daily life. Quality of light affects people on many levels and enhance people's sense of well-being. Right amount of LED lighting has the ability to create hierarchies, dynamics and mood depending how the lighting scheme will respond to the proposed surface finishes and contribute to the final illuminated finished space.

LED Lighting solutions for retail environment, working place, parking area, LED street lighting, road safety and security have become greater concern among Malaysian community. With such precise quantity and quality of light, combine with functionality and efficiency is to ensure a safe station environment that seamlessly support overall project goals.

LED lighting design has become a creative extension of architectural design, outdoor lighting, commercial buildings and iconic places in Malaysia. It means to captivate attention, bringing objects to life, improve visibility, complementing form and colour. It reveals and illuminates key architectural features that bring them into focus. Nikkon offer comprehensive lighting solutions ranging from commercial to industrial lighting, including HID lighting, LED lighting and street lighting.

City - LED Lighting
Park - LED Lighting
LED Lighting - Energy saving and environment conservation

Looking after our planet is about more than being able to enjoy it in the years to come: it is about ensuring that we have a viable one in the years to come. Lights consume electricity. This depletes the Earth's resources. The process of manufacturing LED lighting itself produces some amount of waste. Therefore it is crucial that we, as one of the leading LED lighting supplier in Malaysia, take the initiative to improve energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

NIIKON fully believes this and we are now in a position to participate in this global effort of environmental responsibility – as individuals and as a part of corporate social responsibility.

Due to technological advances, lighting using LEDs contain no harmful substances and is now a far more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economically viable option. Our brand Nikkon is positively achieve this goal.

Nikkon lamps also a part of our environmental conservation effort. Using our own Spectroradiometric System, the lamps are tested for compliance with energy efficient category requirements. We have designed and manufactured the Energy Saving Lamp while maintaining excellent colour rendering and high luminosity, saves considerable energy by using 80% less power than incandescent lamps.

Nikkon LED Lighting - A Complete LED Lighting Solutions Provider in Malaysia

NIKKON is a one-stop industrial LED lighting solutions provider and LED lighting manufacturer in Malaysia. Our LED lighting expertise has always been in designing, integrating, manufacturing and supplying industrial LED lighting products; in custom-making energy efficient luminaire designs for our customers.

Our LED lighting expertise bring solid technical acumen offering the customers more streamlined service, more products and choices while remaining high standards of our products quality. We tailor customer's needs and implement the overall effectiveness of their LED lighting solutions and fixtures, thus reducing the total energy consumption. Some examples are the lumens regulator, power switch and dimmer ballast, all of which are used for energy saving streetlights and highways.

Customer satisfaction is our common goal and that is what creates the cohesion that is necessary for sustained success. We are committed to innovation, improvement and growth. We continue to upgrade, advance and setting higher benchmark in everything we do in the effort of playing a valuable part in looking after our planet.

LED Lighting
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