8 Lesser Known Facts About LED Lighting

By Thomas Teo

LEDs have become widely used all over the world: practical, durable, maintenance-free and eco-friendly, light-emitting diodes are certainly a better alternative to incandescent light bulbs. If you have decided to switch to LEDs and you want to get a deeper insight into LED lighting, then here you will find some of the lesser known, yet very important things about light-emitting diodes.

  • Lighting Been Around For More Than Half A Century

    While it is true that LEDs have only become popular relatively recently, as they gained more visibility over the past two decades, they were actually invented by Nick Holonyak Jr. back in 1962. Although the mechanism of action of the LEDs has remained unchanged over the years, the technology has changed a bit – and so did the global sales of LEDs. It is estimated that by 2030, LEDs will account for no less than three out of four lighting sales!

  • LEDs Can Be Used In Conjunction With Dimmers And Timers

    One of the many benefits of LEDs is that they are very versatile, and they can be used both for commercial and residential applications. As a matter of fact, LEDs are particularly suitable for residential and architectural lighting – decorative LEDs can be used with dimmers and timers, if you want to create a certain ambiance. Besides this, given the fact that LED lights operate at a very low voltage, they do not consume too much electricity and they can be left on throughout the whole night, without worrying that your electricity bill will sky-rocket. 

  • LEDs Are Used Across A Variety Of Different Areas Of Application 

    One of the most common misconceptions surrounding LEDs nowadays is that they are only used for certain lighting purposes, when the truth is that they are widely used for display cases, for smart TVs, traffic lights, vehicle brake lights, headlights and such. LEDs are unique from every point of view: they are highly resistant to breakage and corrosion, they are small, compact and lightweight and they require no maintenance in the long run.

  • LEDs Are Safer – Both For You And For Environmen
    Pople have become increasingly worried about the irreversible environmental damage that we have caused – and for a good reason. Fortunately, LEDs do not contain any traces of mercury, and they have a significantly smaller environmental impact when compares to incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs.

  • The Wattage Is Not Important!

    The first thing you look for when you want to replace your old incandescent bulb with an LED is the wattage, but the truth is that it does not matter at all. Instead of focusing on the wattage of the LED lighting bulb (which will only help you figure out just how much energy you will be saving by the end of the day), you should focus on the lumen output, which determines the overall brightness of the LED.

  • LEDs Do Not Flicker

    Have you noticed how old light bulbs tend to flicker, and need several seconds to actually work at full potential? Fortunately, this will never be the case with LED lighting, as you will get full and intense brightness the moment you turn the lights on. This is one of the many advantages that set LEDs apart from CFLs.

  • LEDs Do Not Attract Bugs

    This is undoubtedly a lesser known benefit of light emitting diodes, yet it is a particularly important one – especially if you plan to use the LEDs for outdoor lighting. Insects are attracted to ultraviolet light, which most LEDs do not produce – some of them do, but most of them do not. This is why LEDs are the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a lovely evening outside, without worrying about flies, moths or mosquitoes. 

  • LEDs Are Directional

    Last, but not least, LEDs only face one way, and this is because their chips are flat and cannot offer omnidirectional light. However, there is an increasing demand for all-round LEDS, therefore many manufacturers have started to look for new solutions. 

  • High-Quality LED Lighting From Nikon Lighting 

    At Nikon Lighting (http://www.nikkonlighting.com/), you can find a wide array of cost-effective, eco-friendly and low-energy LEDs for street lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, floodlights, commercial and architectural lighting and so forth. These LEDs are a great choice for working areas, parking lots, retail environment, or road safety – practical, durable and economical!

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