Malaysia Commercial And Industrial HID Lighting - An Overview

By Thomas Teo

HID lighting has been around for many years, and high-intensity discharge lamps are widely used for commercial and industrial applications in Malaysia, for a variety of different reasons. In a nutshell, these electrical gas-discharge lamps produce light after an electric arc takes place inside the lamp’s tube, which is filled with both metal salts and gas, designed to facilitate the arc’s primary strike. One of the many reasons why commercial and industrial HID lighting lamps are so sought-after these days is because they produce more visible light than incandescent and fluorescent lamps – over the years, the latter have become less and less popular, as HID and LED bulbs have started to take over.

What Makes HID Lights So Popular Nowadays?

In addition to the fact that high intensity discharge lamps are very durable and can be used for years before you need to replace them, these lamps are also highly efficient and they can be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of just about any area of application. For instance, the ceramic and metal halide HID lamps are great for retail and other color-critical environments, while sodium and quartz-based metal halide lamps are the best for office and hospitality lighting.

The intense light, low energy consumption and long life span are three of the main reasons why an increasing number of people (business owners in particular) have started to switch from incandescent light sources and outdoor halogen lights to HID lights. For example, it takes six traditional incandescent light bulbs to deliver the same amount of light produced by a 35 watt high intensity discharge lamp, and this is precisely why HID lamps are also great for outdoor security lighting where even the slightest detail matters.

When it comes to the commercial and industrial applications of these lamps, it must be said that they are commonly used for stadium lighting, college campuses, graveyards, community parks, hospitals, office buildings, universities as well as apartment complexes. Not only are HID lamps very bright and durable, but they are also an outstanding choice for outdoor landscape lighting, as they can easily blend in.

Different types of HID lights are used for different areas of application: some of them are used for architectural lighting purposes, while others are used for mere lighting, without emphasizing on any detail in particular. In addition to this, these lamps are also used in low-level decorative street lighting or in parking garages – there are many types of HID lamps available on the market, and it often happens that the high pressure sodium lights are the best ones for commercial and residential applications where aesthetics and a high color rendering index are not a priority, such as the ones described above. At the same time, metal halide lamps are usually used for landscaping purposes and for complimenting different ornamental fixtures.

Over the years, manufacturers of high intensity discharge lamps have constantly improved and diversified their products, trying to make them better and safer at the same time. For this reason, the latest HID lamps now feature advanced filters designed to block the UV radiation produced by the lamp, thus preventing the UV-triggered degradation of the lamp fixture component, or the fading of the colored items that are illuminated by the lamp. In other words, HID lamps can now be safely used for illuminating even the softest pieces that are usually highly sensitive to light.

Besides the wealth of areas of applications mentioned above, high intensity discharge lamps are also used in the automotive industry, particularly for the manufacturing of headlamps. Xenon lights are known to provide much brighter headlights, while increasing the visibility of peripheral objects at the same time (unlike it usually happens with the classic halogen lights).

At the same time, high intensity discharge lamps are also used for making various portable lights like flashlights, as well as for manufacturing high-performance bicycle headlamps, as they only use approximately half the power used by a tungsten-halogen light, and they are also a lot more compact, more versatile and easier to use. The aviation industry also benefits from HID lights, as they are typically used for the landing and taxi lights of airplanes.

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