EASY Catalogue
NIKKON Lighting offers a wide range of outstanding, environmentally responsible lighting solutions and systems for signage, architectural, transportation, display lighting and general illumination applications.
NIKKON LEDXION Lighting Catalogue
NIKKON LED lighting is constantly thinking about how to help customers become more productive and profitable through LED technology advances that lower the cost of light. When compared to older, traditional lighting sources, NIKKON LED Lighting technology enables greater reliability, environmental protection and energy saving, dimmable, instant start and more durable.
NIKKON Lighting
As the highly competent and experienced manufacturer, NIKKON offers a broad range of lighting products, from Floodlight, Street Lantern, Highbay, Lowbay, and Architectural Lighting to Lighting Accessories. Even customized empty fitting can be produced in order to meet individual requirements and creating highly efficient, easy-to-use Lighting System Solutions.
NIKKON Lamp Series
NIKKON lamps complement our existing industrial lighting products. While remaining of a consistently high standard, our products are now also more competitive. In addition, NIKKON lamps are being integrated into our lighting design simulations in which we advise customers which light fittings to use, and how to use them, in order to illuminate an area in the most efficient and effective way.
DIALux is a software used by many light planners and designers worldwide. And their number is growing from day to day. You can create your virtual worlds simply and intuitively with DIALux. Document your results in breath-taking, photorealistic visualizations.

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