How Can LED Street Lighting Make The Streets A Safer Place While Minimizing Expenses?

By Thomas Teo

It has happened to all of us at least once to walk down the street, in the middle of the night, just to realize how frightening and unsafe dark streets truly is. Even so, street and pathway LED lighting is, in many areas of the world, a “luxury” many cities simply cannot afford, mainly due to the ever-increasing prices of electricity. However, technologies changed and evolved, and with the new LED street lighting systems, our streets and pathways can become safer and more cost-effective at the same time. Did you know that one of the benefits of using light-emitting diodes as opposed to the classic incandescent light bulbs is that LEDs only consume approximately a tenth of the total amount of energy of the classic bulbs? This is precisely why an increasing number of cities have considered implementing LED street lighting systems, for the sake of their citizens, as well as for the sake of protecting Mother Nature. 

Everybody can benefit from LED-based lighting systems for pathways and streets – no matter if you are an early morning traveler or you like to stay out late, you never have to walk down a dark street, constantly looking over your shoulder ever again. Besides this, city councils do not have to spend a small fortune investing, powering or maintaining LED Street Lighting systems either, given the fact that light-emitting diodes have an average life span of 10-15 years. LEDs can make both walking and driving a lot safer and more convenient, with minimal investments.

Opting for such a system will greatly benefit cities on different levels, especially medium-sized and large cities where the energy costs for keeping the street lights on often sky-rocket. This will not be the case with LED lighting systems, as the operating costs can be reduced by up to 90%, the light-emitting diodes can provide up to 11 years of continuous operation before they have to be replaced and, most importantly, by investing in a state of the art LED lighting systems and making the streets a better and safer place for citizens, this can also contribute to lowering the crime rates, especially in the large cities or in certain neighborhoods where crimes are rampant.

A Deeper Insight into LED Street Lighting Systems: Their Mechanism of Action and Their Countless Benefits 

First and foremost, it is important to mention that LED lights have played a vital role in the lighting energy and it has also contributed to the eco-movement designed to save the planet by minimizing the negative human activity on the environment. Simply put, LED light bulbs consist of several small light-emitting diodes that are grouped together and that can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as for decorative purposes or for architectural lighting purposes. LED street lights produce directional light, and they are widely known for their extended operational life, as well as for the fact that they provide an outstanding return on investment.

Otherwise stated, even though the purchasing costs of an LED light bulb is higher than that of a traditional incandescent bulb, the buyer will get a positive ROI (return on investment) within only a few months, as the energy bill will be dramatically reduced. LEDs are guaranteed to last ten times more than their traditional incandescent counterparts, and this is only one of the many aspects that make light-emitting diodes a particularly good choice for street lighting: they require little to no maintenance work, and they only have to be replaced once a decade, which is both very cost-effective and convenient at the same time. Moreover, LEDs are also known to deliver an incredibly bright light as well, thus being the perfect choice for illuminating large spaces such as pathways, corridors, parking lots, streets and even stadiums. 

In addition to this, it is also very important to mention the fact that LED lights for streets are also known for generating very less heat which will, in turn, reduce the contribution of street lighting to the global warming, an aspect of vital importance that has become intensely debated over the past few years. The installation process is fairly easy and straightforward as well, and there is also a plethora of different colors, lumen intensities and temperatures available at the disposal of the customer. The bottom line is that LED lights used for street and pathway lighting is expected to become the norm in the lighting industry.

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