What Are The Benefits of LED Lighting?

By Thomas Teo

LED lights are very sought-after these days, and that is perfectly understandable, keeping in mind the tens of benefits of the light-emitting diodes. In spite of the fact that LEDs tend to be slightly more expensive than incandescent light bulbs, they certainly pay off in the long run. Having said that, here you will find some of the most notable benefits of LED lighting.

LED Lights Last For Tens of Years 

One of the most important advantages of switching to LED lighting is the fact that these bulbs are designed to have an average operational life expectation of 100,000-120,000 hours. Otherwise stated, these lights can provide more than a decade of continuous, 24/7 operation, or they can last for around 22 years if you use them only 12 hours a day. Regardless of how you look at it, one thing iis for sure: LED lights are a great investment over the years, and they will help you save a lot of time, money and trouble.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective 

LED lights are widely known for being friendly to the environment, given the fact that they only use approximately 10% of the amount of energy a regular incandescent bulb would use. This energy-efficiency translates into significant money savings – that combined with the long operational life make LED lighting very popular and appreciated these days. These light bulbs are highly efficient, they are long-lasting and, most importantly, they require minimal maintenance and replacement, and this is precisely what makes them better than conventional lighting technology.

Durable and Reliable

Another very important advantage associated with LED bulbs is the fact that they are very durable and rugged – otherwise stated, light-emitting diodes are designed to last over the years, and to be able to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. Highly resistant to shock, external impacts as well as vibrations, LED lights are so versatile that they can be used across a variety of different areas of application: not only are LEDs suitable for residential use, but they can also be used for commercial and industrial purposes, where they would constantly be exposed to low temperatures, exposure to rain, wind and severe weather conditions and so on. LEDs are designed to rise to the highest standards of performance set in the lighting industry!

No UV Emissions Whatsoever

Unlike other light bulbs, the LED lights do not emit any UV rays whatsoever – in addition to this, another important advantage of switching from the classic incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs is the fact that the latter do not produce any heat. Heat can be not only bothersome (especially during the hot summer months), but also dangerous if used around materials and goods that are highly sensitive to heat. LEDs are designed to provide a neutral light, and there are tens of choices available in terms of spectrum or light temperature, this is precisely what makes light-emitting diodes a very popular choice for illuminating high-quality objects present in art galleries, archaeological sites, and museums and such.

Instant Lighting

Last, but not least, another important one of the benefits of LED lighting is the fact that light-emitting diodes are specifically designed to provide instant lighting – these bulbs brighten up as soon as they are powered on, which makes them a great choice for signal lights and traffic lights, unlike the classic bulbs which typically require several seconds to reach their full brightness.

Why Buy LEDs From Nikkon Lighting?

Nikkon Lighting is a reputable LED lighting and other eco-friendly lighting provider in Malaysia, who is committed to protecting the environment and looking after our planet, our one and only true home. Environmentally-conscious buyers who are well-aware of all the LED lighting benefits and who also want to put some money aside by reducing their monthly electricity bill are welcome to check the wide array of light-emitting diodes provided by Nikkon Lighting, at prices for all pockets.

The mission of the company is very simple: given the fact that the Earth’s natural sources can be easily depleted, Nikkon Lighting aims to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by the lights, while lowering the environmental impact. The Nikkon Lighting LEDs feature no harmful substances (such as mercury, which is widely found in the traditional light bulbs), they are very economical and they provide high-quality lighting. All the LED lights and lamps sold by Nikkon are tested for compliance with the energy efficiency requirements that apply, therefore you can rest assured knowing that you will purchase only what is best!

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